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JwProBall is a worldwide sports & fitness group designed to help you reach your goals while training like a Pro. Each individual will have their own customized program.

JwProBall Offers:

Skill Assessment:

An important part of any responsible training program is a one-on-one assessment that objectively measures your current skill level. Without an effective assessment, growth cannot be accurately measured. JwProBall one-on-one assessment incorporates many different methods to measure your level.

The one-on-one assessment measures:

  • Mental Stability
  • Physical Ability
  • Flexibility
  • Strength & Endurance Level
  • Speed and Quickness
  • Body Measurements

Basketball & General Fitness Training:

I will guide you through different programs that will enhance your development at a realistic pace. I ensure that workouts will not get repetitive or boring, only more challenging. I will encourage you to train with a level of confidence, passion, and a relentless effort to maximize your full potential. Together we will turn bad habits into good habits while learning a more efficient way to sharpen your skills. Through a professional aspect you will be taught to develop your mind and body like a Pro.

Tracking Results:

Another important part of the process is tracking results. To maximize your progress, I need to continually monitor and adjust your program. This cannot be done effectively without proper monitoring and ongoing assessments. I can continually tailor your program so that you are getting what you need to achieve your goals.


24/7 assistance to help you achieve your goals. You will learn valuable techniques that can be incorporated into everyday life.

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All locations and hours are flexible and I am available to come to you, so don’t wait and call today!!!


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JwProball Basketball presents C.H.A.M.P.S. Camp, a 3 day mini camp for boys and girls ages 5-17.  For more information about this year camps call today!!!  Go C.H.A.M.P.S.

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