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Jerod Ward is a great trainer because he can relate to his clientele. He knows the hard work, pressure, and adversity it takes to come back from a sports injury. Besides providing positive encouragement, he knows the little details like a ringside boxing coach to push an athlete to excel. Moreover, Jerod has extensive knowledge of Europe and China, which would make him an excellent scout and/or recruiter for a college or professional basketball team.

-Asher Stoller

Jerod Ward is an amazing teacher of the game of basketball. Because of how long he has played and how successful he was at the game makes his training priceless! His methods are so good, he could have even turn Shaquille O’Neal’s free-throw shooting % into Steve Nash’s.

-Tyson Evans

Jerod is a good trainer. His style and knowledge would help young people develop anywhere in the world!

-Coach Charles Taylor

I had the privilege to work with Mr. Ward 2 summers ago heading into my senior year of high school. That summer of working with Mr. Ward was the absolute best experience I’ve ever had with basketball training. He is extremely hard working and brings the best out of you, he really is all about making you better, and he always looks out for your best interest. It was a great match because I had torn my ACL sophomore year, like he did in college, and he helped me get my knee back to 100%, if not stronger than it was before the injury. Mr. Ward is definitely one of the most intellectual individuals in the basketball world and is an amazing teacher that takes your game to the next level. Thanks!

-Nick Leventis

I met Jerod Ward when he was playing over in Spain; it was always fun to see him play. He was a hard worker in and out of the court. While he was playing he would make it seem too easy. Great player, I also saw him when he won the dunk contest. I had the privilege of training with him while he was overseas and he helped me a lot to improve on my shooting skills. He is a great trainer. Thanks!

-José Martinez

Jerod deserves a lot of credit; he helped me get back to the game I love. Not to mention he approached me. What a down to earth guy! Thank you for the advice you gave and the training you still providing me today. Thanks!

- J'Nathan

Jerod Ward is a great trainer and a basketball intellect. He is extremely knowledgeable in the game of basketball. I have never met anyone who trained or worked harder on his body and his game. I know that he really does relate to players unlike most trainers. It’s great to see him giving back to the game. He’s played at a high level on every level. Those experiences make him a great trainer, coach, scout, or any other basket related position.

-JD Austin

Pictured from left: Tricia Ward, Dick Vitale and Jerod Ward at Mercedes-Benz raffle in Sarasota, FL to raise money to combat cancer

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